Daily Programme Guide

Morning Fix with Keane (6-9 am)

Tech Fix *- 07:05 am (Duration 5 mins)

How to get more out of your devices: A 5 minutes program that explores common tech/gadget issues and provide simple/doable fixe. Discussions such as broken chargers, phone got wet, really slow operating software, more battery power etc.

Morning Tea- 07:45 am (Duration 10-15 mins)

Sip on some tea while we discuss hot morning gossip Guyanese style, sarcasm, puns, fun and a dash of realism.

Mix & Mingle- 08.30 am (Duration 8-10 mins)

A time when we open the phone lines to Interact with listeners across the divide. Either randomly call a listener or they call us. Chit chats about the station or about them etc.

Mix & Match- 08:06 am (Duration 10-15 mins) Friday’s only.

Fashion can sometimes be a hassle but it doesn’t have to be. Mix & Match is a program that will give you easy fashion guide on what’s trending. Thrift shops and upscale boutiques will get an opportunity to feature their clothing line etc.

Cruise Control with Mr B (9-12 PM)

Cruise Control Morning Motivation- 09:30 am (Duration 5 mins) Monday-Friday

Motivational information aimed at inspiring listeners to get more out of their day, work and family relationships through positive thoughts and actions. A song which is considered to be motivational and reinforces the day’s information will also be featured.

Money Matters- 10:30 am (Duration 5 mins) Monday-Friday)

A 5 minutes feature highlighting ways in which persons can manage their finances better. Tips on saving, insight on investment opportunities, household management (for housewives)

This Is Guyana *- 11:45 am (Duration 5 mins) Monday-Friday

A program featuring little known facts about Guyana and Guyanese, Exploring unique cultural practices, showcasing relatively unknown places and their people and a daily dose of our folklore.

Hitz N Bitz with Arianne (12:00- 04:00pm)

The Lunch Rush- 12:20pm (Duration 5 mins)

This is an opportunity for listeners to call in and talk about what they’re having or making for lunch. Also feature of sponsor’s restaurant daily special.

Health is Wealth *- 1:50pm (Duration 3-5 mins)

Sharing of simple health related fact that we may often take for granted and how this can improve the “wealth” of our lives.

Artiste of the day- 2:55pm (Duration 4 mins) Monday-Thursday.

A featured highlight of an international artiste, segment will include a song from the artiste.

Fact or Fib- 3:45pm (Duration 7-10 mins)

A fun way to interact with the listeners via a game, with the title being self-explanatory the announcer simple states a sentence and the caller has to guess whether it’s a Fact or a Fib.

Drop In- 3:35pm (Duration 15 mins) Friday Only.

A 15 minutes live interview segment with a “dop in” from local musician.

Home run with Rhea (4pm-7pm)

Life Hacks *-4:30pm (Duration 3 mins)

Living in the 21st century we now have all sorts of simpler ways to get things done. From Monday to Thursday these ideas will be shared on basically any topic (example-quick fix on a broken heel).

Rhyme the Rhythm- 5:35pm (Duration 5 mins) Tuesday and Thursday

A 60 secs fun interactive game where listeners get the opportunity to submit their number via FB and be selected to rhyme the rhythm. The Announcer will give words over a catchy music bed rhythm and the caller will have to respond with a word that rhymes without pausing or hesitations.

Who’s your celeb birthday twin- 6.20 pm (Duration 3 mins) Monday-Friday

It’s so cool to share your birthday with someone famous. Each day we’ll tell you who your celeb birthday twin is. The segment will include a brief highlight on the Celebrity.

Mix Overdrive- 7.20 pm (Duration 3-5 mins) Friday Only.

Highlighting the weekend Hotspots, where to hangout on a weekend, Bar, Restaurants, and nightclubs.

The Groove With Basil P. (7-11 pm) Monday-Thursday.

Sports update-7.50 pm (Duration 5 mins)

Highlights and results on all major sporting events locally and internationally.